Goodbye summer?

Only two  more weeks of summer break. Only two more simple weeks.
Weeks to relax, go to the beach. Calm down, enjoy lofe. Spend time with God.
Time to dance in the rain, to sing songs, to drink lemonade, to go to bed late after watching black and white movies with friends.

Time to smell roses, to go surfing, to teach swim lessons to three year olds, to read historical fiction, to watch superhero movies with friends, to giggle, to climb trees, to talk to my thirteen year old sister, to
fun nights with friends at harbor town.

An advantage of living on an island? weekends still mean beach outings late into fall. Even in Winter, well go for beach walks, and cold swims.

Two more weeks to read blogs I love and wear sundresses in bare feet.

Salt water is my love. burying my feet in sand. and I love sunsets.

What are you doing in your last precious summer moments?


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