The truth about fairy-tales
As girls our lives seem focused on dreams. We dream about our weddings, future husbands, dream house, dream job, dream kids, and more. We lose ourselves in crazy day-dreams. We sit up all night at sleepovers and talk about this kinda stuff. We are often disapointed when life doesn't turn out to be like a fairytale. When the bad guy turns out to be the cute one you have a crush on, when someone dies a kiss doesn't bring them back, and the dream house may turn out to be a apartment in another country. Seems depressing? I think it;s okay to lose ourselves as long as we realize life won't turn out the way we expect it. Our Savior has a much, bigger, better, beautifuller plan, which is going to be lovely.
We have to be open to his will and listen to his calling. We should spend our teenage years praying and preparing for a future that glorifys his name instead of constantly getting disapointed. Life won't be the way you want. It will be the way He wants; the way he has invisioned since the start of time. God will turn our lives to fairytale. A perfect, beautiful fairytale. A story which shouts his glory through the pages. A story that inspires millions. Or perhaps inspire just one.
If I die, I don't want to be known as the dreamer who never accomplished anything, I want to be known as the one who always praised God. The one who was filled with Undying joy despite the trials. The loving wife and mother who carried out the duty given the Holy One.
That makes my Joyful. I want to forever sing of his Love.

Dreams must not consume us.

He should Consume us.

Sometimes life seems so uncertain. But god is asking us to sumit to his will and obey his commandments.

How long do we have to wait for him to fulfill our dreams? As Long as he wants us to wait. He calls us to be patient. To trust him.

Don't live on dreams and forget who you really are.

Be a faithful daughter and do hard things.
Lots of Love, Maya Moore

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