School. That's where I have been all week. Now, it's friday. I have offically surived one week of many in my senior year. If you have been by my blog in the past day you probably nodiced some changes. I have been remodeling it all day. I finally went with a new header. Tell me your thoughts in comments!

The past few days have been filled with baking, school, and celebrating my sisters 14th birthday very late. They have involved storms, labor day, going to bed early, and music lessons. Marine Biology is becoming my favorite subject. Math in your senior year is not fun. Photo-shoots and trying make-up with friends is so much fun. So is watching batman from the 60s and reading kids books when you babysit.

Stepping heavenward is one of my favorite books and a contast re-read.
Banana pudding...the best thing ever. Thanks, Mom.  
Cookies I made....I'm so talented(not). Baking is my new hobby.
Lots of Love, Maya Moore

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