Dear Boys,

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Dear guy with blue eyes,
I'm thinking we should dance in the moonlight next time we're together.
Just saying,
Dear Grant,
Don't come near me because I will slap you hard.
Don't test me,
Dear Adam Young,
Please sing Vanilla Twilight to me at twilight and make me happy.
Dear P,
We've never met, but I see your face every day.
Please say hello,
Dear William,
I'm perfectly content if nothing ever happened between us, but...
whoever gets you is lucky,
Dear Brother,
Treat her well or I'll go mad.
She's...my friend,
Dear werdio,
I'm seeing the way you look at my friend.
Dear future husband,
I want to say, I love you. There I said it.
Dear Blonde Crush of 5 years,
I want you to know, wherever you end up, I'll be with you.
While we are at it, I'll tell you my boy stories. You see, My first crush was in first grade. he has light brown hair and had lost his two front teeth. I loved him. I would place notes in his cubby at school. Then...well that stopped with he moved away. Crush number 2 was in third grade. Music nerd, basketball player, weird. anyway he left me permently starstruck whenever we met. I lost intrest in him and then he moved away also. I was crush-less til I was twelve when I nodiced him. I mean he's always been there but never had I thought of him like that. I mean I began to dream and soon enough I loved him. Tall, blonde, hazel-eyed, funny, dorky, and manly. There...I said it. I would practically not breath when we spoke. Then he saved my life on a hike. This crush lasted a long time...until I was 15. One night he walked me to my cabin at a youth retreat and I realized I couldn't love him because he was 17 and going to college. So I tried not to like him for two years. This year I liked this one guy for a short amount of time and then relized a few days ago that I never gave really gave up on that one Hazel-eyed guy. Strange story.
So therefore I pray and wait until someone asks me to court.


  1. haha. I have a similar story. I also have an amazing crush that's been there for a long time. I can relate to almost all of these!

  2. I love your blog! Thanks for linking up. :)


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