A Thousand Blessings

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The sour taste of lemons on your tongue.
Flowers in your hair
A little cousin currled in on your lap
Old pictures
Memories of you first pet
Typing a blog post
Emailing with a pen pal (if you want to, I'm open to being your pen pal)
3 months until your 18th birthday
When you go to sleep listening to Andrew Peterson
Perfecting the movie star eye shadow look
Looking at engagement photos for your brother
Frozen Yougurt at twilight
your first day in a new house
Watching Princess Bride with a soul sister
Picking out a wedding dress for my future sister-in-law
Wearing your bridesmade dress for the first time
A thousand little lights
The feel when you touch his hand
 and coming back to this blog

Little blessings
life is full

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  1. Oh Maya! I'd love to be pen pals with you. I don't have any friends and have been feeling quite lonely of late. My email is arianne.hellwig@gmail.com
    I'd love to hear from you.


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