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There are so many things that are blessings. Whether the spring breeze or laughter so hard you cry life is a blessing. The bright warm touch of a baby or the smiles of a family memeber. The honor of life. The torn pages in a book. The words of the bible. The whispers of prayer. The soft falling snow. The color of danedlions. Obsessions over blessings. No grammer skills need to write a million thoughts. A favorite blog. A lesson in school. Dreded studying. Memories. The waves of beach memories. Lost love. Guilt. Tears. Bubbles. Struggles. Winter beauty. Treasure. Best friends. Little lovers. Beach running. Sickness. Messy hair. Blessings. Blogging in a way is a treasure blessing. I think starting this blog has helped me in so many ways. It's helped me find myself in a new way I never have. I have found so many friendships. Overcome so many trials.

One night I was reading the bible in bed when my phone rang. The clock said 11:24 so I picked it up. It was my good friend I had met through blogging. She told me something really bad had happened to her. We cried together and for the first time I realized my blogging has helped me help others. I had helped this girl, who read my blog, overcome violence and abuse. We still talk late at night sometimes. I am so thankful I was able to reach that sweet girl through blogging!

I am not sure how many of you know what CollegePlus is. But I have been inrolled most of my highschool days. In the short it means you can earn most of your college degree during highschool. After I have already finshed my actual work now I working on getting my degree. Right now it looks like I have gained enough and taken enough courses to graduate college in may 2013!!!! That means I will be newly nineteen with a college degree! Awesome, right?

I consider this a huge blessing to my life.

One of the biggest blessings is uncertainty. Not knowing what's next ever. Never. God is on control of thses blessings!

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  1. Cool! I have heard of College Plus and I am hoping to get a degree from there someday! So fun! We should try and do it together some....


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