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Hi! Today I have a guest post by Miss Melanie, a writer of this blog:http://www.mesothelioma.com/blog. She is a
 contributor on the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog and has a heart for heath/ cancer awareness. You can also visit her at Milady Knows.
Here is her guest post:
Blogging and Reading for a Speedy Recovery

An individual with any medical condition, ranging from a mesothelioma prognosis to an autoimmune disorder, often become ambitious and develop lofty goals. Patient's goals address treatment plans and ways to remain healthy. The plans may also list places to visit or life goals to accomplish after recovery. Friends and family help patients remain motivated to keep those goals. Committing these goals to paper is therapeutic and often provides a timeline to help keep patients on the path to recovery.

How Blogging Helps Patients

Blogging helps patients by connecting them to a community of people who are going through a similar experience.  Cancer patients often participate in blogs and forums to share their experiences and inspire others. There are over 20 different blogs available to patients diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment.

Blogging helps patients accept their illness and process their fears about treatment. Some patients may describe a typical day in the life of a person with a disease and offer tips on how to overcome the obstacles. If a patient has a tough day, reading a blog can uplift and inspire the person. This form of self-motivation is common among patients.

Preventative health is a common topic of discussion. Exercise regimens and dietary supplements are often discussed. When patients with serious illnesses use preventative tips, they may keep their illness in check and avoid relapse.

Treatment blogs may discuss various treatment facilities, treatment options and side effects. Blogs assist patients in the recovery phase and reintegration phase. Patients discuss their struggles and help other patients learn from their problems. With tips, patients can avoid common pitfalls and have a better experience.

How to Live a Fuller Life with a Serious Illness

Patients also share their "bucket lists".  By sharing, patients may find companions to share experiences of travel and other events. Patients' bucket lists may include traveling the world, completing a work of art, making a scrapbook or starring in a play. When patients come together and share common experiences, they keep each other motivated to accomplish goals.  Tangible goals, committed to paper, are often easier to accomplish.

Reading helps to keep patients informed about their illness. Information helps patients remain proactive about their treatment and recovery options. Informed patients remain positive and motivated. A brighter outlook can accelerate healing from a serious illness.

Proactive wellness through writing, reading, doing and remaining informed is recommended. Positivity and proactive behaviors can stave off depression and can significantly improve recovery times. Reading, writing and planning are instrumental aspects of recovery.

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