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Tuesday evenings. Ligth flurries. warm socks. A new book. Fields of unkown treasures. Followers on my blog. The soft touch of a baby. The sparkle of stars in the sky. A lovely email. Letters from a pen-pal. The first kiss safely treasured. A dog licking me. A glass of cold water. My home.
My life is full of blessings. Oh, I am blessed!
God gently leads me into my arms and I feel the warmth of my savior's love. Oh, world you cannot sperate me from my father's love!
I was recenlty found guilty in my soul for something and felt so bad about it until the Lord really told me that my sin is gone! Oh, Lord thank you!
The sun rays shine down on me, the waves of weat, the city lights, the warm blankets, the smiles, and most important oh the Love of Christ!
Oh, how he heals me ! Oh the comfort of Chirst! Oh that place of love. Where the light meets the dark.
Where happiness is found. Oh, you set me on fire, oh Lord!!!
A Pefect flower in my hair and the sweet song of a bird by my window. Hello, love. Here is the morning. And I am blessed.
Thanks, God.
Your grace is all I need and I wanna live for you alone.

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  1. Oh, this was pretty, girlie! Anyhow I am fisnihing up that letter for you and shall get it to you soon! Also I am expecting a call soon! We need to catch up....maybe skype?
    Anywho, I love you, Maya!
    I hope you come are way this spring break :)


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