Happy Saturday. It’s been a crazy few days and I better tell you about it. It began Sunday Night. I was sitting on the balcony when suddenly I got a phone call from my Mom saying my Dad had been a car wreck on the way home from work. I was at the beach a long way from home. I wanted to come home immediately but there was so way at the current moment.
I was super worried and gave the entire thing up to God in prayer. I could not stop crying. Thank goodness for my dearest Liz. She comforted me in my weeping.
Wendsay night I was finally able to get a ride home with my good friend Will. I’d like to thank him for putting up with my nervous tears. We got there hours later and I immediately ran to the floor my Dad was on. He was in the CCU and the nurse told me I could not see him because on non-visiting hours no one was allowed but one vistor and my mom was in there. Mom came out a bit later and told me Dad was about to go into surgrey.
I was mad I couldn’t see my Dad, and shaken with worry about his surgrey, but God gave me an amazing peace through the entire siuation. Will and I took a walk outside in the courtyard. It was dark and I could just cry out to the Lord the entire time.
Jemermy and Meg showed up a little later and I hung out with them in the hospital room that smelled like floor cleaner and paper gloves, which makes me sick. Finally Dad’s surgrey was over and the Doctors said he was doing a whole lot better. Two hours later (This was three in the monring) I got to see him. It was hard to see my dad, always strong, so weak in a hostipal bed like someone on a movie. I just held his hand for a long time and said nothing. I couldn’t say anything.
He’s doing better everyday and I might come home in the next week, prause God! I have felt so strong with many prayers from my dear friends. God has shown the goodness of his faithfulness and has taught me to praise him even in times of sorrow and pain.
There has been so much pain in my life and I hate it. I can’t hide the scars it’s left me. Yet the Christian life isn’t always blessing after blessing like it might seem. It’s the narrow path and every moment of suffering just reminds of what I am fighting for…A God worthy of all the praise of every tongue on the earth. One day in heaven it will be worth it. How I long for that glorious day!
My Blog party starts Monday, a week late and also I have a wonderful bunch of posts I am writing to continue the week after that. I hope you guys have a wonderful time during my blog party. Hazel Ann(theradicalmeasure.blogspot.com), my good friend in reality has promised to be a co-hostess of the blog party so I can still spend much time with my family during this time.
Yours Truly, Maya


  1. Glad to know that your dad is doing better. :)

    May the Lord be with you all!

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  3. I'm so sorry Maya. I'm glad he's doing well. Praying for you!

    Remember that God does all things for a reason, you may never know why, but you might just learn something later :)


  4. Aww, Maya! I'll be praying!

    Keep me posted.


  5. Wow Maya! I'm so sorry. I just came back from a memorial service so the fleetingness of life has really struck me.

  6. Oh that is so sad Maya!!!!!!! I'm sorry :( I cannot imagine how scary that would be. I will continue to pray for you and your family and that your dad will heal more, and quickly. He will always be with you through the pain :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)


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