The Hunger Games

I've seen the Hunger Games. I have made a few conclusions:
1)I want to Marry Peeta Mellark
2It's the best movie ever
3) I can cry like a baby at times.
haha! What did you think!
That was AWESOME!
LAter today I shall write a review...but I thought I would start and publish it just to say....IT WAS BEYOND EPIC! They left in everything I wanted them too and so much more. It was very intense, yet funny. And Peeta...Oh My GOODNESS! The pictures don;t even start to show how adorable he was. Josh Hutcherson is 19 so I say I have a good chance...if I could only meet him. haha. If you have not seen it, do as soon as you can! I dressed up as Katniss and it was awesome!
THE MOVIE WAS SO good! It was a perfect movie for the Hunger Games and clean except for some violence.

Well, review comes later today!

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor :)


  1. I really enjoyed it as well! Rue is so adorable :).

  2. Great! Thanks for letting me be totally relieved now ;) And I can totally believe it about Peeta :)
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)

  3. AAHH! y can everybody go but me??? haha go Peeta!


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