Two Birthdays

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I, Maya Moore, have two birthdays. It's not typical, but it's quite normal. I'll show you.

~April 15th~
The day I was born. The day my Mom held me for the first time, kissed me, and named me. The day I blew out my first birthday candles. The day, every year, I do something special. People sned me cards and on this earth I am a year older. A year wiser. I've had parties, let go of ballons, and gone out to eat. People write emails and phone calls are by the plenty. It's my birthday, I've had almost 18 of them.

~May 19th~
My birthday on my Facebook account. My true birthday, actually. The day I was born again at the age of 13. When God found me in my death. When I became a christian. This re-birth day, every year is a day of fasting for me, a day of prayer, and a day of joy. A much more amazing birthday then April 15th. For this is the birthday I shall celebrate forever, even into enternity.

See, I have two birthdays. I bet you do too :)

Hugs, Kisses, and wishes,


  1. When I first saw you post title, I was like 'wait, what?!' haha :D

    Beautiful post!! Loved it! I have two birthday too! April 1st and September 11th. :)

    Happy early birthday, dearie!


  2. Great post :) I do have two birthdays...both coming in a few months...July 28 I'll be...5 years old? (I'm getting confused...my dates all mixed up :P) And I'll be proud an extremely happy to say that I am five :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)


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