Check Marks

Get a summer job? Check.
I got a job working as a life-guard for the next four weeks until my trip. Seems nice. It will really help me raise support and I am super excited about this oppertunity. I spent the last two summers doing this at another pool so I am pretty used to the drill, even though this will be new surronderings. It will also hopefully be good to share the gospel with some of the workers there.

Fall in Love with One Direction? Check.
Ahem. This one took me a while. I'm not a fan of boy-bands, their music is great! What Makes You Beautiful. That song is playing over and over right now :) I still have not decided which band member is my favorite, while I am sure it is not Harry (no o'fence but he is overated). A slight obesseion is creeping up on me!

Get a car? Uncheck.
Ok, I've wanted a used car for ever now. Maybe before the end of the year ;) Hopefully by next fall.
^^hello, dream car ;)

Hear Taylor Swift sing the chorus for a rap-song. Check.
I have literally been dying for this to happen. I think she would do well. When I heard about her newest song, I died. After weeks of waiting I just downloaded {this}.

Look outisde and realize summer 2012 is coming soon! Check
There really is nothing more to say. Happy smile :)

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