Miss you, Germany

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When taking my adventure this year to spread the gospel, I spent a lot of time in Germany. I miss Germany. It was like a hidden treasure of a place for me. A place I never really thought much about. Germany brought so much evil about in World War 2 I never thought I'd ever like to visit. But the moment I saw those red tin roof's from the airplane window I knew I'd leave a piece of my heart there forever. It's a funny thing how you leave bits of you places. A part of my still is there. I can still remember sitting in a little cafe' with my two best friends and watching people go by, thinking that that moment would never end. But it did. All moments have ends. But if it is God's will, I hope to go back one day and see beautiful Germany and talk to the people there I miss so much once more.

I miss you, Germany.

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