An Update Post That I Can't Find a Good Title For...

That is Hilton Head, by the way.
Life's been the norm lately, but has had the news of some promising excitements in the near future. For Labor Day the boy and I are going to spend the entire weekend together with his awesome family, which never happens with our working scudules nowadays. It's going to be epic.
I've had this hope in my heart for a long time that I might be able to return to Hilton Head for fall break later this month and even though the oppertunity is small, I'm still clinging onto it like crazy. Even though my parents don't live there anymore, it's where I spent the most crucial years of my childhood and going back is going home for me. If not, I'll just drive up to North Carolina to visit my parents and siblings, which will be equally as exciting but I really want to go to the beach. It's been too long.

I just got the news the other day the kids I nanny for are spending half of Decemember and all of January with their Grandma in California. I was first a little upset because that meant I was out of work but after talking to my brother Jeremy for a while, I realized I could go back to Germany with him and his wife Meg in January. They are going for two months but I could only go for one. I'm practically beside myself with joy. I'm praying for more direction, more faith. And I do hope Germany is in my near future.

But right now I'm going to go finish up the dishes and wait for the sweethearts to come home from school. I can't wait for tonight, when I leave late for my boy's house to spend a weekend with his family, including my best friend (his sister).

And that is a little update of my crazy life.

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