Just Today


You know what I just thought? Today's thoughts, feelings, and adventures will never happen again. It's just today once. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It's just today...today.

Today the world seems foggy, perfect, yet confusing. Maybe it's the weather, since it's all foggy and cloudy here. I woke up this morning, smiling.  I knew it would be one of those saturdays I wake up and go to sleep singing. So I went bike riding, with the perfect morning air. I swear there is something enchanting about the morning.

Today was and will be a day of music. I strummed my guitar on the porch, playing my share of Matt Kearney to the neighborhood. Then I listened to my share of musical artisits. This had included some good ol' Phil Wickman, and Taylor Swift's newest (Not her best, but still good), and my new love for the Imagine Dragons. I think tomorrow I'll love something else, but each day has it's beautiful playlist.

The perfect fanatsy I've been dreaming of is slowly becoming a reality. I'm not sure I ever imagined life would be this pretty, yet so harsh. Don't take me wrong, I've suffered my entire life, but God's shaped me and taught me. This season of my life is a good one, sprinkled with all the sunshine and happiness I can muster.

Today, I feel like loving someone. I feel like forgiving someone. I feel inspired. I feel free. Today, I feel on top of the world. I feel like being in a room with a thousand people or a mountain alone. Today I feel likes jsut today and I can conquar the universe.

Just today.


  1. Wow..this was so inspiring... I absolutely loved this!! Made ME feel all invigorated and happy and...FREE!!

    Go out and chance that world, Maya.


  2. Oh hearing about your morning, reading this post and seeing the pictures just made me feel inspired. I just loved what you said, it's just today...today. Which is so true! Great post and yeah, not her best but I still like it :) Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  3. Sort of off subject, but wow, I like the bike!

  4. Sort of off subject, but wow, I like the bike!

  5. Beautiful post! God's always using the little stuff to remind us of what's important...
    Love you blog, by the way!!

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