Looking Back

My thirteen year old sister Rachel came up to me today and asked what me fondest childhood memory was.
Oh Dear.
"I don't know", I replied, "sometimes I still feel like a kid so my best memory would be every moment of my life so far."
She just starred and we began to laugh.

The more I think about it I relize how wonderful of a childhood I had had.

I can remember the day my brother Joshua was born and jumping up in down in joy upon finding out it was a boy. I didn't want another sister like my older sister Emily and I liked my other older brother a lot.

Since then Rachel has come and Will too. My siblings are blessings. All my best memories involve them.

I can remember when we moved to Hilton Head. I was five. I remember asking Mom if it was safe we were living here, because in the bible theres that parable about the guy who built his house on sand and it got washed away.
I remember Mom laughing about that and telling me we wouldn't be living on the beach but just near to it.

I remember the day I broke my ankle in the middle of a ballet recital. I was seven and have never danced since.

I remember the day my life was saved. We were hiking and I almost fell of a mountain. A boy from our youth group grabbed me and pulled me up. I was 13 and thought it was so romantic.
I recall telling my friends about it and them agreeing the fact he saved my life was awfully romantic.
I hate to amit this but after that I had a crush on him for two years.

I remember reading this book. I loved this book. I still reread it occasionally. It fascinated me.

I remember the morning me and mom watched the sunrise on the beach. It is when I first fell in love with
sunrises and sunsets. I was seven.
"Mommy," I had asked,"If God could make stuff this pretty he must be a wonderful God," I had said.
Mom smiled. "he is, Maya, a wonderful God."

I remember my first piano lesson. When i fell in love with music. I practiced all the time. My teacher even asked my Mom if i had even taken music before.
"she is too in love with m music" she had said.
My Mom shook her head. "No, that is not possible. Music is simply something we all fall in love with and Maya loves it more than others."

I remeber going to see the first Harry Potter movie in theaters.
I thought It was sorta scary because I was seven.
I refused to tell my family I was scared though.

I remember when i was twelve and became a christian. the finest memory of them all.
I'll tell racheel that.

Maya M.

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