Rambling on a hot summer day

alas. Its hot. A hundred degrees. So i took the time to go to the beach today. I Know im crazy!!!
It was awesome fun  though. Sophie came with me and we listened to the radio and then went for a dive.

Thank you God for the sea and the waves!!!

It's a miracle what Jesus can do.

I've also started a facebook page and twitter page for you guys to check out !! Huzzah!!!
For more, see my side bar.

And I also am sorta getting into photography. Sophie owns an SLR. I Love lens Flare!!!

And I love Tomatoes. they are YUMMY!!!

Funny pictures of friends on trampolines make me laugh. Funny videos by Jullian Smith rock.

above is my fan, frozen in action. Then it fell on my head last night. I am still recovering.

My home. AT Harbor Town. Monday Night a bunch of kids went. We simply messed around and laughed.
So, we did nothing Illegal.

YES! I love my piano. Its so amazing. "sigh"

read this and tell me you will re design my blog for free for me. I will love you forever. I am willing for anyone to do it. simply comment on this post if you are interested.

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