When your Seventeen

Last night I was sitting by my window, starring at the city stars and pouring out my soul to God.  My mind was in a million different places. But my heart was on fire. I was full of thanksgiving for my LORD. I think lately I have appericated my Church and my home more. When I was little, I thought it was annoying how my mom kept me from watching TV or going to public school. I hated it how she used to only let me listen to christian music and not read all of the popular books. But now I love her for doing that. She kept me from a world of sin. That doesn't mean I wasn't exposed to things and the older I got the more I saw of our fallen world. I was thankful my mom had kept me far away and not let me be exposed to things.
When your seventeen, your supposed to have a boyfriend some people would say. Clearly, that's not me. But you know what? I am content. One hindred percent content with my singleness. Of course I want to get married. But I don't mind waiting for the perfect guy. I'm thankful I know God and sumit and fear hom instead of this world. Cause we live in a world where teenagers are having sex and doing such. When your seventeen, that's not right. WE should spend our teenage years growing close to God and serving him. Then we are mature, we can court and then get married.
When your seventeen, purity is super hard. But it's so worth it, friend.

Lots of Love, Maya Moore

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