Fun Fall Fridays

 Welcome to the weekly blossom over here at A Rose In Bloom. TGIF(Thank God It's Friday!)
This is my last week day being "free". Yep, school begins monday and this girl is not excited 'bout it. So I thought a very funky post was in major need. Besides, I have discoved picnik and love it.

 Pictures by yours truly.
But hey, who knows what this year will bring? what will tomorrow bring?
Lots of Love, Maya Moore


  1. Love the editing! you have quite a good eye for color. picnik is awesome!

  2. like your quote on living. I will re use it and cite you!

  3. These make me smile! keep up the good work and don't forget to keep blogging. See you on sunday!

  4. Thanks guys! put in reguests for posts you want me to do!


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