Dear Beloved

A few days ago I was sitting by my window, drinking coffee and dreaming. Dreaming about my future. I was thinking of the post I posted last week about what can happen in five years and my mind was going back and forth. Am I  more excited or more worried about my future? The anwser is both. But my worries are pointless, because his almighty plan is going to work out. Oh, I'm so happy for that. Joyful about that. But at the same time, I wonder, what's next? Where will I go? Who am I going to meet?

Also the fact I'm 17 is also amazing. It used to seem so old. Now I am getting to the age where courtship and marriage are close at hand. Marriage. That used to seem like something I would do one day when I was  much older. Now it seems not to be so far away. I mean, seriously. My love life might actually exsit one day!!!!! But now I am content. Completely.

Yes, I am one of those dorky people who writes letters to their future husbands. And you know what? I love it. Adore it. Writing those letters help me grasp the feeling I do have someone waiting for me. I just havn't met him yet.  So many girls waste their lives on boys because they believe in them.

A cute, nice, guy from a Taylor Swift song comes up and he thinks your pretty so he asks you out. He doesn't really love you. You fall in Love with him and then in a few months he dumps you and there is a tragic break up and you spend all your time writing sad songs and crying over his picture. A few months later this guy returns, apologizes, and you two go out again. You fall back in love and then a few months later he leaves for good.

Sound lovely? Um, No. Sadly, this is a normal picture today.

Just cause a guy comes up and tells you your all he ever dreamed of doesn't mean anything.

So we should pray for years about your realtionship. Be real with God, confess your desires and pray for your future husband. Write him letters. Be content and wait. Keep everything for marriage. And He will be faithful and provide a Godlt, manly, warrior. Now your lovelife should be kept to getting excited when your crush gives you a goofy smile or gives you a high five. Keep it there. keep it in your head.

So, dear future husband, I'm going to wait for you. Come when you want. I'll be praying and ready.

I'm waiting here for you, my beloved.

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  1. This is so beautiful. I am happy to have found your blog! Coming from someone who has been married a couple years--it's worth the wait! We did not wait until we were married to have sex, and I'll never know what it's like to do that. Keep up the great work, lovely!


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