In five years time...

It's amazing how much God can do in Five years time. Five years ago I was 12, unsaved, and on a road to a misrable life. In five years time:

  • I was saved by the gospel
  • got an awesome brother-in-law ( emily got married)
  • got an awesome lil' brother
  • My Grandparents died
  • Moved houses
  • became a teenager
  • started high-school
  • met many new friends
  • started my blog
  • Much, Much More
Life happens so fast. We grow up. We like new things. We create new memories and add people to our life. Change is good. But the future is uncertain. We can only be sure of one thing--He will be by our side whereever we wander and he knows and created our futures. Before he created the stars he knew my name. Oh, Praise Him!

I wonder who I will be in Five years time. Will I be married? Will I have kids? Where will I live? Who will I meet? What amazing things will he display in my umcoming life?

Because life goes by so fast, take the chance to share the gospel. Reach out. praise. Tell the good news. Life everyday like it's christmas or a fairytale. DREAM big. Life happens in a blink. ANd we can't get one precious minute back. Have fun, but also in every word and action--do it all for His glory, Not yours.

One things for certain. He will never let go if me and also, yes, I will still be glorifying him wherever I  might be.

Lots of love, Me.


  1. hey maya! thanks so much for your comments. they really make my day :) as for my font, what's your suggestion! i'd love to know!

    <3anna :)

  2. first, how did you orginally get the font there? I can hopefully direct you from there.

  3. God is always there, no matter where you are, you are right!! Thankfully, because I've been moving all over the place! ha!


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