Joy in this darkness

It makes my heart grow sad to think about the people in this world who never get the experiance of knowing God. Feeling his mighty love. Feeling that over-flowing sense of Joy despite trials and darkness. When grief comes, I always find peace and joy by going to his word and praying heartly to my beautiful savior. I cry out to him and find so much Joy. Oh, to think some people don't feel that! If we don't have belief and Joy in this world we have nothing. As Christians, we have Joy in the Darkest night!

God Gives a chance. One many don't take. That is the change to share the words of the gospel so that though us, many people can grow to learn more about the almighty. Take the Chance. Spread the word now and always. never stop being a living testimony of His grace.

Share the Joy.

Be a faithful child. And whatever happens, find peace and safety in the only safe hiding place. On the only solid rock. Don't fear. Aknowledge him. Trust him whatever happens.

Lots of Love, Maya Moore

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