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I just came home from a long day of school and such. Work was a big part of that. I felt worn out, both mentally and physically. The one thing I didn't want to do was cook dinner tonight. Sigh
Life is so trying sometimes!
Sometimes you feel stuck in the gutter. Praying helps. I prayed and mediatated for a long time than decided to get more cheerful. I grabbed my I-pod and turned on the song Dreams Don't Turn to Dust by Owl City. I snuggled up and felt madly in love. Adam Young's songs can make one desprate for a sweet realtionship and then realize its just a dream.

The other day I realized something about myself. On the outside I'm a good student who doesn't date or keep up with fashion. I'm the girl in the corner wishing for God to make me something beautiful. On the outside. Who am I on the inside?
I asked my fourteen year old dreamy sister rachel what she thought.
"Who you are? Your His!"
This made me happy. I love sisters.

I was babysitting the other day when the little girl came up to me and whispered in my ear," you smell like flowers, Maya. That's nice."
So sweet and innocent little daughters of Christ!
I can't believe something like abortion is legal. Children are precious gifts. I pray and look forward to the day I can bring ym own children in the world and homeschool them and teach them things and love on them anf share the gospel with them. Oh happy day!

Its also very happy to find a lost memory card with old pictures on it. Fun!

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