Never Lets GO!

Lately, I have been dealing with some major issues of losing myself. Forgetting who I am, What I shoud be doing, etc. I have lost myslef in daydreams and have been searching for a way out. I ahve found myself fretting out the future and not trusting God. I have nodiced less joy in mediatating on his word. I have felt if I have dropped unto the ground. If Im stuck in the gutter.

But he has Heard me and HE NEVER LETS GO.

Not when you fall down, not when you despise him, not when you sin, not when you feel aboandoned, not when someone dies, not when you die, not when your dying of cancer, not when you have a diese, not when you house is on fire.

No, NEVER does he let go.

Also he never stops loving you, caring for you.

Still one of my favorite verses!

he loves us so much and the number one thing to show is his cross. If you want to see love, look out your window. He made that. All of that.

God loves us when we feel lost and dying. He loves us. HE NEVER LETS GO!!!

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