Fall Break

Listening to The One Thing I Have Left by Hawk Nelson

yes, I had the best fall break of my life.
Beginning with a trip to the beach after school on friday, It was amazing. On Saturday Morning me and Jeremy got in the car and drove all the way to Nashville. It was intense. A whole car ride with my crazy brother. Yes, it was fun. Very epic(there I go again!). It was a car ride of old sibling laughter, music, and listening to sermons.
 On the way we had starbucks. It's the most wonderful thing.
I like the fields of corn.

My sister lives in down town Nashville, where we had loads of fun. Nights of going down cuty streets and listening to country music. I love my sister. I also got to visit my BFF, Sophie.

Then we headed down to knoxville where Megan (the girl my brother is courting :)) lives. She's beautiful and let is stay with us. She's sweet and doesn't attend college but stays at home and works. I love her and I hope this whole thing with her and Jeremy works.

P.S. Hazel Ann is a new author of the blog. She will be posting from time-to-time.


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