It's October. That finally fall month. The month you groan each time you pass by a store covered in yucky Halloween decorations. That month you start thinking about what you want to get people for Christmas. That month you start to wonder about when thanksgiving's coming. That season where you finally give up trips to the beach or wearing shirt shirts and tank tops. That Season where you sadly give up That season where you start to get board with the school year and turn to the movies of the year, Polyvore, or Pintrest for entertainment. That season where the fall colors is a great place to go and meditate on the Spirit.
Currently I am doing a person study on the book of Joel. Who knew that little unknown book could be so wonderful?
Life's beautiful

Life's beautiful by aroseinbloom
Planning this dream outfit on Polyvore is pretty sweet. I have to say brown is currnetly my color. Oh, clothes and fashion which are brown captivates my heart.

My life is literature

My life is literature by aroseinbloom

What are your thoughts on Life this October?

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  1. I love The Site!! so Cute!! its speaks to me hehe i have a blog i would love you to join <3


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