The story of me, Maya

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I was writing in my Journal yesterday when I realized someone reading those words would think I have a boring life. Just ramblings about friends, family, church, guys, and life. Yeah, typical stuff. Writing awkward moments and every conversation with my crush. Dreams. Faliures.
But I don't have a boring life.
Someone who could have that thought that was wrong.
I don't have a boring life. It's my story. These people, events, these stories. They make me who I am. They shape me. Mold me into the women I am becoming. These friends are the girls I want to share me christian walk with. These men are the men I want to be the leaders in my church.
These times are the beginning of a story. The story of me. Every christian has a story like this with a glorious ending.
Even me. Even you.
So this is my story. This blog is filled with my words. My heart. My Savior.

I was born as a missionary kid in Romania. I moved to Tennessee. Then South Carolina. I have five siblings. I love my God. I adore my Life. yeah, this is me.  Hello, reality.

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