It's Been Forever ...or so it seems

I cannot believe it was only friday I last blogged. It seemed like an eternity. I guess my life is so busy...some things have to be on hold. One of them is blogging. I will try to blog more, but if I'm absent, you'll understand. You see, God has been doing a lot in my life. And I am trying to listen and spend time with Him. Alos, I've decided to cut the 25 day challenge. I might blog about all the subjects, just a whole plan is overwhelming.

God has been teaching me to grow up. To no longer be a girl, but a women of faith. I have realized that life is so short. I need to hold on tight to this. God is what matters right now. I tend to be prone to be more crazy and everywhere and I will always be. My blog will always be fun.

God is teaching me to be more real. I live in a fanasty world. I need to wake up. One thing that;s really woken me up is the engagement of my brother. He was always my best friend, now It seems another girl has taken my place. This is a dream come true, but no blog or video can explain this brother-sister relationship thing. : ).

My own love life has been a world of ups and downs. I've had many crushes over the years, but now I'm just confused. The guy I thought I could love seems to be slipping away from me. Suddenly, someone new has come into my life in these past months and seems very insterested in me. The truth is, only in the past few weeks have I devopled feelings for him. Now it's overwhemling. His sister told me two days ago that he liked me, which took me off guard. Now I seem to be a whirpool of feelings for him. I am unsure of where this young man will be in my life story, but I do know I am just as available as a married women to any guys at this point. I'm still only 17, which is actually the age my father allows dating. Yet I am sure I wish to go the courting route, which seems so near and so far.
My life is crazy right now, so it only makes me want to return to my dear blog more. To tell you all that's going on. Yes, I am still living with my sister in Nashville currently. I honestly am enjoying it, but miss my dear parents and siblings. Well, I am going to try to blog after school today. We'll see....


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