Pepperminted Moments

Peppermint. Is that Not the nicest Word you have ever heard? It's almost the hoildays, which are my most favoritest seasons. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Especially Christmas. The season of love. The season of Joy!!! I was watching the tv the other day and a add came on, saying that if you went to their sale, you would find true Christmas Joy. That's not even sorta funny. Christ Jesus is my christmas Joy. My everlasting beauty.
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I am really in the christmas mood!! Super, Duper! The other day I went to a christmas pagent my friend was in and listening to all that music made me laugh really hard. My Crush was there and we were sitting together starring at the stage, when my other friend came and sat down. "You two look like a couple!" She proclaimed out loud. We both laughed, but inside I was dying. Haha.
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I'm having some very good memories od holiday seasons in the past. i call them Pepperminted Moments. I hope there are very more this year! I can remember Tghe tree falling down of me, licking the christmas cookie bowl, Bree cheese and pear christmas ever dinners, opening presents as a family, My sister getting engaged, peppermint bark, apple cider, eggnog, candy cane plays, singing christmas tree performances, and acting out the nativity scene with some family friends.
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For those of you still wondering, I am still staying with my sister in Nashville until we go to Hilton Head For Thanksgiving. I will just stay there then. My sister is amazing!!
There will in the future, some major changes coming to my blog. I have long wondered if a new name would be a good idea and finally settled on one. Anyway, enjoy the holiday Seasons!

Things I am looking forward to for christmas 2011:
  • Major Cookie baking
  • old fashioned christmas paintings
  • Christmas tree bokeh
  • My sisters performance in the nutcracker
  • Piano recitals
  • Egg Nog!!
  • A Peanuts Christmas Movie
  • Watching Elf with Jeremy and Meg
  • Shopping at the outlets
  • Going to the beach on Christmas Day
  • The holiday blog posts a'coming
  • cupcakes
  • Movie marathons
  • Reading the Book of Luke again and again
  • Making many, many, many Pepperminted moments!

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