throwing perfection to the wind {a guest post by Hannah Marie}

Hi there ya'll! This is Hannah from Lulu's Reverie popping in for a little while. Let me just say that i'm honored to be here at this lovely little place miss Maya's got goin over here.
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I've always been a perfectionist, until I started writing on my blog. Now i love things to not be perfect (*except for my skinny jeans and hair*). i used to always want my bedroom to be spotless: no dust, nothing lying around. i even had this stupid little rule that there could be no more than three things per shelf on my bookcase! I was a total neat freak back then. but that was when i was struggling in areas of my life and i knew very little about where my value really came from. i also didn't see what things really mattered at the time. now i do and now everything about me is just a little imperfect. but i like it better that way. i like blurry, fuzzy photos and messy buns, mixed media, and outfits that don't ever match. it all describes my personality.

i know too many people who use the common excuse: "well, i'm just a perfectionist".
sometimes i wonder if our want/need to have things perfect at all relates to us as sinners wanting to be perfect because we know that we can't be. it's simply impossible without Jesus.

no one's perfect. i think that once i finally fully believed that was when i threw perfection to the wind and let myself be loose and free and just stopped worrying about having things "just right".

I think that even people who don't believe in Jesus want to be perfect. I also believe that we're all broken. When i was going through tough stuff in my life, not only was my room perfect, but i myself thought that i could be perfect if i just tried hard enough. I thought that if i did this and this and this that i could be. perfect. i believed in Jesus, but i definitely wasn't looking at my need for perfection in that light.

i always thought that i was just that way and that i would never like things imperfect. but i believe that i was also keeping things perfectly because i wanted to gain the approval of others. i somehow thought it would help. i had a great many insecurity issues going on then. Yes i did.

but here's the truth, we are not perfect. So we have to stop thinking we can be. We have to throw caution to the wind and let loose. maybe our true selves really are kinda neat and tidy, it's like i said, i like my skinny jeans and hair perfect. but we're not perfect so i think that once we just accept that we can move on and fly with brave wings.

hugs and kisses from the girl,
hannah marie

about the girl:

hannah marie-- here's the scoop: i love Jesus, fashion, photography, and being dramatic. life is so very beautiful and i don't want to miss a minute of it. Please be sure to visit me over at my own personal blog, Lulu's Reverie.


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