It's A New Month...

I Know, How Exciting! A new month to grow, change, and become something new. For me, it's a moth of memories. Remebering Novembers that have come and gone. Wondering what this month could possibly hold. It's so close to Christmas, which is my most favorite holiday. Pinned Image
I am still recovering from the death of my friend and have decided to spend the entire month under the roof of my sister and brother-in-law. Because Im almost completely independant anyway, I'll be doing my school up here in Nashville.

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Winter Romances are the best. I cannot help wondering how many I will be left single and waiting for marriage. My Crush of 5 years does live in Nashville, so it seems likely this could be fun.

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Because we only have one life, me and Emily are watching all the old disney movies. Popcorn and old cartoons every evening is quite the life. We also have been waltzing down city streets and checking out bakerys and cafe's. Sharing the gospel with city people is my sister ministry, so we spend quite the time doing so.
So how s the month for you? Lovely? Scary? I hope it's beautiful.


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