Update on Life

I'm finally back. Finally. So much has happened I can't tell all of it now. So here's a quick update. I'm done with my November stay with my sister. I'm happy at home. But I have to tell my amazing blog some depressing news I heard yesterday. We're moving. Yes, at the beginning of 2012 my family is leaving our beloved island home to move to North Carolina. We've benn considering the move for a year now and finally we've decided this is where God wants to lead us next. I can't help feeling very happy about our new life, but so sad too. It's mixed. Yet I have experienced God's faithfulness overwhelming me in this hard time. Oh the joy and beauty in following Christ Jesus my Lord!!!


  1. Where in NC? I live in Rolesville NC which is right out side of WF and about 20 mins from Raleigh...

  2. oh wow! That's great. Sooo, about 3 hours from where we are...
    Maybe we could meet up sometime?...


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