Friends, Faith, and Family

Friends have been the most helpful fuel in the past months to my faith. Weekly bible studies and pen-pal emails have kept me from totally falling off the side of the boat of feelings. I want to thank all of them for helping me so much. My family too. You guys have uplifted me in a time of need. Now that family is moving away from our old island home I'm always going to be an island girl due to friendships I'm going to keep. Nowadays I have friends all over the globe. It's great.

You all know about Sophie. We've been best friends since birth. We live many hours apart but miles have never dampened our friendship. She's a computer geek, a movie fanatic, and a plain good friend. She always recommends good books. She can cook up a storm. She's super sweet. Oh, how I LOVE her!! The other day I got this sweet letter from her you'll have to read:

Dear Maya,
Remember when we were five and wanted to be princesses when we grew up? Remember how we used to torture our puppies and younger siblings? So, next time you come to Tennessee let's have a reniuon party and watch our old movies and sleep on the bonus room couch like we used to.

Is she not the sweetest? Anyway I am super Thankful for my Faith, Friends, and my Family. Oh I am so happy for my faith!

And my amazing Family! When we move to NC we will be living in an apartment together for a while. It will be crowded with lots of love. I love my sister Emily and Brother Jeremy who no longer live with us at home. I love my brother-in-law David and my future sister in law Meg. I already love my sister's baby girl who is coming in april. Oh what Joy of  Family!

And I have a surprise for my blog coming soon! You'll see...

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