As I wait

I wait for love I wonder if somewhere in the city lights, in the powerdery january snow there is someone waiting for me too. I wonder what his name is, what color eyes he has, if he likes sweet tea and watching The Notebook. I wonder if he plays the guitar, sends emails, writes, explores, or even has another girlfriend. I wish I could tell him it wasn't going to work.
I know because all this time I've been waiting...for him.
And I know all he wondering has one anwser and that is me.

So dear beloved, whether I've known you forever, simply glanced, or have never met your eyes I will wait for you. I am never ever going to kiss anyone else and stay perfectly pure for you. I don't know if your here where I love now, or where we are going to move in a couple of weeks, in nashville, or in england but O woll wait.
Love, me

And by the way I hope he doesn't nodice me until God wants him to nodice :)


  1. i love this! I feel the same way♥ i'm always wondering about my beloved :)

  2. Beautiful. Keep waiting. God will provide.


  3. P.S I awarded you on my blog today :)



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