The rain was falling slowly as I picked up a piece of paper to write but no words would come out. Nothing could. Downstairs Rachel was baking and Jeremy playing the piano. Twilight was slowly coming and the cloudy sky was getting darker. My sweater was cozy and I was in my own perfect world for just a moment. Life is simple and perfect. Life is beautiful and I pass by the winter breeze everyday without thinking about the loviness. The Joy.
I love dreaming and my One Word for 2012 is dream. I want to dream big and live hard. I want to do things with my life that honor God. I want to concurer the world today and write about it tomorrow.
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That is why I, Maya Moore, am hosting a project for my blog and life in 2012 called Dream 2012
It's a challenge for girls to really dream and breathe and live life loud.
here's the deal:
There will be more posts on dreaming over here...and change.
For example to start the sha-bang tomorrow lies a give-away over here.
There is going to be tons of guest posts (email me if your interested)
My goal is just to get a bunch of dreaming girls to write posts on life goals.
So write up your 2012 dream , add the button to your blog, and then link below.
More link-ups will be  every month this year!
So Link the first one and join the dreamers (girls who link get a extra entry in tomorrows give-away)


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