I Wonder

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I wonder.
I wonder what the world is like. I wonder about the trees. I wonder if every animal knows who they are going to be. I wonder where all the people in big cities are a-going. I wonder if that homeless man on the street ever had "someone." I wonder if that one guy likes that one girl. I wonder what my husbands name is. I wonder about the galaxies. I wonder about the "pefect" heros in history.  I wonder about silent nights. I wonder why lions roar. I wonder why snow falls. I wonder if Forever and ever exsits. I wonder if love is real. I wonder if He really is in love. I wonder if perfect exsits. I wonder if forever is forever. I wonder if why the flowers bloom in the spring. I wonder how the baby sea turtles find a way home. I wonder how cold the coldest place in the world is. I wonder how many stars are in the sky. I wonder if God really knows the number of every grain of sand. I wonder if music can unite us all. I wonder when the world shall end. I wonder when I will die. I wonder what my kids names are going to be. I wonder if He hears all my prayers. I wonder like a child. I wonder. I wonder. I cannot ever cease the wondering of my heart, which seeks for anwsers. Lately I've had to realize I must seek for anwsers from the Lord or wait and see.
I wonder like a little girl and ask a lot of questions.  Yet there are 3 answers to all of my wonders.
(1) God created it and made it perfect
(2) wait and you'll know in God's perfect time
(3) You don't need that anwser.
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I wonder about the beauty.

There is one thing I know. He is Lord. God shall reign. And knows every anwser. Blessed by the name of the Lord!

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. Albert Einstein

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  1. That quote is brilliant. And this post? Lovely. I read it twice♥

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