New Year Blog Challenge: Jornaling

This was the guest post I posted for the New Years New Blog Challenge on Grace Anna's Blog Love Poured Out. Enjoy!
I was writing in my Journal yesterday when I realized someone reading those words would think I have a boring life. Just ramblings about friends, family, church, guys, and life. Yeah, typical stuff. Writing awkward moments and every conversation with my crush. Dreams. Failures.
Then I was like, is blogging the same way?
Do my followers think my life is ordinary?
But I don't have a boring life.
Someone who could have that thought that was wrong.
I don't have a boring life. It's my story. These people, events, these stories. They make me who I am. They shape me. Mold me into the women I am becoming. These friends are the girls I want to share me christian walk with. These men are the men I want to be the leaders in my church.
These times are the beginning of a story. The story of me. Every christian has a story like this with a glorious ending.
Even me. Even you.
So this is my story. My blog is filled with my words. My heart. My Savior.
It's a new Year, meaning new beginnings. A new school semester--my senior year. A first day. A new beginning. This morning I was writing prayers in my journal when I relaized how much God has taught me last month. I wondered what words I would be writing in my journal in the beginning of next month. What will he teach me then? What will I write beginning of next year? This time Next Year? It's so exicting to see how God changes us, matures, teaches us, beckons us, and calls us home.
Lately I've leanred to look back into my old blog posts and see how much I've grown since then. I can see the way the Lord has blessed me, grown my family, grown my writing skills, grown my love for sharing and expressing myself.
Blogging has overall changed me in a great way. I can see the Lord's hand in my life and the way blogging has helped me mature. Not just helped me but going back I can see the ways I'm differnt than I was then. It's like an online version of my journal...and my life story. I've changed so much. I'm a different person.
Yet I'm still me. 100% through.
I have never been shy to express my struggles on my blog because I know I will be able to look back one day and say I'm glad that's over.
I used to blog to give my sister updates on my life. Now I blog for me. To see myself change. To see myself scatch the surface of being a women of God. For to live for Him is all I wish.
And that's why I love to blog. And my blog will change as I do.

So as the same way journaling has helped me by helping me see my life story, blogging has too.
I would encourage you to keep a journal or/and a blog. So one day you can look back and say
I'm glad I've grown.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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