Choclate Cupckae Diaries

Relax. Think of the summer. Think of the blooming flowers around you. Think of the choclate cupckaes you ate. Think of the warmth. Oh, Golly, think of the romance. Think of summer 2011. Best summer ever. Won't you come back?
Honestly, the cold months make me ill. I want wamth.
Anyway I was talking to one of my pen-pals on skype last night when I realized I would actually tun 18 in april. I am graduating school in may! I finished math forever yesterday. And I'll be old enough to start courting this summer/fall also! It's crazy, friends!
I want to treasure these months as much as possible. My last months before I am an adult I hope to fill with much good times and I hope just to live life loud and as happy as possible. My Parents have been planning a senior trip for me and my best friend Sophie for a long time, but I still don't know the details. But I love surprises! Oh, yes!
So anyhow I created this for this month:
Much love, dearies.

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