My life has always been a life of dreaming. Whether night dreaming or day-dreaming I have always been a dreamer. Lately I have been wondering should I dream or drop my dreams to the gutters. At first thought I was sure dreams had to die, they had to be forgotten. But then I realized with God then all things are possible. We don't live in a world of dread and uncertainty. Dreams cannot obsess us but without dreams where are we? I mean the Lord has given us the desire to dream and suddenly I realized dreams don't die.

            I believe dreams can come true. I believe they cannot come true. I believe we can dream and great are those who work hard at their dreams can accomplish great things. Yes God has a plan for us and shall re-direct our paths at times but without dreams we cannot conquer mountains.

            Cause whether they turn out the way we wanted or not, our lives will be ultimately, if we choose to follow, a life in which we know the one thing that comforts—that our souls are completely and entirely not our own.  But we rest in the arms of Christ our savior. Oh the sweet sound of surrender!
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