Letters to friends....you guys make my day :)

Friends. You guys are the glue to my story. Without it I would fall apart. Literally. You are the shoulders I cry on and the smiles that brighten my day. The girls who forever shall be a part of my life story…they're my friends. And I can never thank you guys enough. Since I was a little girl, I've been social, always meeting new people and loving them like crazy. But there was this time when I kind of grew up a bit and became shy and secure. Some of my friends went off into clicks and I was left as the third wheel. At 13 years old I had about no friends. That was also the year I was saved from my sins and redeemed by Christ. I think I learned to lean on only the rock and never to let go. After a long time of growing close to my Lord and realizing He is all I need for happiness, I didn't feel lonely anymore. And that's when I met Sophie again. I said again because I have known her my whole life and once kind of knew her, but we moved in their families basement for a while in-between moves. Sophie let me sleep in her room every night, where we would exchange secrets and laugh until we hurt. We soon found a house and Sophie would become like a sister to me still, always coming over to Emily's annoyance.

I've had so many friends since that. You girls rock, and it's the truth. Without your smiles, I would fall apart into a million pieces. But I think also my time of no friends gave me the view that really He is the only friend I need. Yet God has given me godly friend to live life with and I am thankful to him for that! Praise the Lord, doer of all great things!

So I wanted to write some of you girls' letters just to say you're the best friends any gril could have. Ever. Here we go:


Dear Piper,

I picked you first because I know you hate how you always seem to end up last in sporty stuff. You have the best smile in the world. The happiest grin of all time and I know if I give you Jolly Ranchers you'll smile. One day I swear you will have to teach me how to ride a horse, but in that I guarantee failure. It's the truth. Girly, I miss you tons. We need to have a reunion with all the Bridge kids and go for long walks and explore trees. Maybe we can dance in the moonlight like we like. Anyhow I still want to live together one day in our dream house. It will be awesome.

Love, Maya, your sun-burnt friend.


Dear Sophie,

There is not much to say for you, but that you're my best friend in the entire world and there's no stopping us. You'll be my maid of honor, when that day comes. And we will just laugh until our sides hurt like we used to. We will make faces at random people at the mall like old times. I want us to splash in the waves, and "heal" dead jellyfish again. And have plenty of skittles and wear our hair in messy braids. We need to watch Lord of the Rings and read out loud Harry Potter to each other. The old times need to come back, Sophie. And you were the one who suggested I start A Rose in Bloom. Thanks, girl. It's meant a whole lot . I love you more than I could possibly say. And I think you're pretty. God has been kind to me to give me you.

Love, Me. Your Bff.


Dear Hazel,

I made you the third one cause three is your favorite number. You girl have been the star to my blogging career. You left the first comment on my blog ever, which I deleted by accident in so much shock someone actually read my posts. Ever since then we've been pen-pals and I have got you through tough times and you to me. And we've Gmail chatted for ridiculous amounts of time and laughed and cried and screamed. We've meet once or twice and those have been lovely times, Hazel A. Honestly. You're a blogger I look up to and you can design beautifully. You made my first blog button, which I was so proud of at the time. I thought it was the best thing in the world. And just because you're a few years younger, we can still laugh about what some people say to us and still put our feet in shining waters. I love, you, Hazel girl.

Love, Maya, you bloggy friend.


Dear Lauren,

I know you won't read this cause you're in heaven now, but you were my amigo. You were the only one who knew who I liked and what I wanted to do with my life. We would dance like crazy things. We went through the awkward moments together and we were everything we wanted to be. That first year of high school and that first dance would have been torture without you. I know God gave you the little time here for a reason, but I that time was some of the most precious days of my life. Every moment was a gift. You were the precious person who was honest with me. We had so much fun. And I thank God for the time we had. When I heard you had let go, I could barely live. I mean I went and lived with my sister for a while because I could not face my own home where we laughed together for so long. Only last month did I venture into our tree house and see where we used to play as little girls, with the wind in our faces and no worries on our mind. Lauren, I wanted to be as stung in my faith as you. I wanted to be as quiet and beautiful and perfect. I knew you were the happiest person alive here and wanted nothing but to see Jesus. Oh, girl how many times can I hear you saying that dreams do come true? Yours did. And I know mine will too, one day. You never had a plan but to please God. That is what you did. I want to live in honor of your life. Because it was lived with one aim to please God.

Love, Maya.


Dear Ana,

The world would be flat if it was not for you. You are the most gorgeous person I know and can dance like a swan. I shall not marry who you tell be to, by the way. Remember how that's not going to happen? Anyway God gave me to you recently and I am thankful for that. God is amazing, is he not? Anyway we are going to have a lovely summer together next year and I know your excited. I can see you spraying water on my face and running barefoot. I can see us eating cookie dough and being hit in the heads with apples by your evil brothers. You are a nice photographer, too, dearie. I thank God for such an amazing friend who always makes me laugh when I know I am about to cry.

Love, Maya, your alien friend.


Dear Arianne,

My newest friend and pen-pal. I don't know you too well yet, but you're amazing. I think God gave me you just to show me friends are found everywhere. You constantly make me smile and I have read your first letter a thousand times. I love you dearly. And we have similar stories and I think we will get along fine. You're a pretty girl and I pray God just lets his will be done through our friendship. You're a wonderful friend to have there for me

All the Love in the world, Maya.


That's all I have for now, But to all my friends—you're the best. Don't delay in friending me in Facebook or sending me an email to get to know me better. I love new friends. And I am sure I will love you!


Love, hugs, warm fuzzy hugs, and sweet kisses from me,
And smiles of course.


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  1. Aww Maya, you're so sweet! I am so looking forward to getting to know you some day and possibly meeting you too! Love you heaps!


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