Her face was filled with tears. Her hands trembled , which she pulled close to her heart.

More than anything I wanted to give her my shouler to cry on, tell her it was going to be alright. But this was a girl who I had never spoken to, never even exchanged a glance. I felt so far away. Yet I was drawn to her. Then In a moment she was gone.

She had been sitting as a bus stop, waiting for a bus to take her some place else. I wanted, I needed,to go to her and tell her the truth. Let her listen. Let her cry. She must have felt so, so

Alone. A word I loathe. A word I hate like darkness. A word I despraetly want to throw away. A word I want to make leave the dictionary. I hate the lonely feeling. I hate being alone

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How much I hate the lonely. How much I hate myself. How much I hate my struggles, my pain, my death.
Yet it deepens my love for something else. Something more.
A God who never ever leaves us alone. Never ever leaves my side.

I am Never EVER alone.
He guides me at night. He guides me during the day. I am forever thankful for thee.

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  1. This made me think of that Barlow Girl song....just saying. Well I think we need to talk very soon about life. caz I miss your pretty eyes.


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