{really} good and bad movies of 2010,2011, 2012,

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The Help. I went to see it with my sister last year and absolutely loved it. I have not seen it in a while but definately see it, If you haven't :)

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The Vow. Ehhh... Well it's the not the next Notebook. It didn't really end....right. Or the way it should've :P But you'll cry until you can't anymore. And It's good except for that. A good chic flick and even my brother liked it, and he is 15.
I mostly liked it and it's pretty clean. Mostly.

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I hated this movie. I thought it would be good but Selena is not my favorite and I ended up absolutely hating it. It's not bad in any way it just was....disapointing and boring to me.

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Probably the besy 2012 film. So very good. I loved the acting and the characters. It's rated R for language but it's not as bad as it might seem. Just the F word a whole lot in a row. Except for that it's quite clean but kinda mature. An  13 + movie, age wise.

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Biggest surprise of the year: I loved this movie. It's insane because I am not a huge fan of chep budget Christian films as much as I love the point. But this one was really good and it made it to theatres. I would go see it now (Even though I am saying that about every movie).

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This one should have won an award. Or five. I loved it. It was beautiful and amazing. I cried a bit too. My favorite film of 2011. It was really, really, really good. I expected less than what I saw. And I thought Albert was cute in a strage way.
It's a good movie about the great war and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD!!!

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There are no words. I loved it. Absolutely. You should really see this one and I have to amit I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and a christian too. Hey...so is Andrew Peterson and a lot of christians. They're all really good. Please watch them for my sake :) hahahaha.

Inception. Oh yes. Why I picked a poster of Arthur not Dom I'll never know. I'm sure you guys know how much I love Leonardio De-caprio. I mean I named my cat Leo after him. In this movie you will think hard, cry much, and laugh little. I loved it so much. I have watched it about 10 times now and it made sense the 2nd time. makes me want to be an arititect and never dream again.

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Not my favorite film but I enjoyed it a lot. A whole lot. I don't think i will watch it again really.

That is all I can think of right now.
If there is a movie you want me to review then comment below with it's title. I will f I have seen it and If I have not I might watch it for you, because I LOVE movies so, so, so much.

I bought my midnight tickets to see the Hunger Games last week with my friend Liz. They were super cheap, actually. And while on that subject, I was asked if I was on team Peeta or team gale. There are so teams. Peeta all the way :)

Check out the design blog...I installed a new design :D
And today is day 8 of bloggin every day! I'm doing it :)


  1. I felt depressed for weeks after seeing the end of The Vow! I'm glad for your review on Monte Carlo! I have wanted to see that forever.

    xxo. Jazzie

  2. Aside from the usage of the F word I really liked "The King's Speech." "Inception" was good as well. Though I haven't seen them yet I want to see "War Horse" and "Courageous."

  3. I loved The King's Speech! Marvelous, marvelous movie.


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