Blogging Tips

After nearly a year of the blogging commuinty I would like to give everyone some tips on the subject. Here are some blog tips. I'm not suggesting you have t follow them but these, for me, make blogging more enjoyable. I don't want to sound like a strict teacher. These are just my thoughts :)
1) Use readable fonts.
Pretty, lacy, girly fonts are nice but it's good to stick with some basic ones (Georgia, Arial, Sans Serif, Tahoma, Veranda, New Times Roman, etc.)
Easy to read fonts are the bomb.
2) Music is not-so-good-of-an-idea,
I can't tell you the many times I've been blasted out with music while browsering on a blog. It's ok to have a music player on the side where followers can play f they wish, but music annoys me personally. I listen to my own music while reading blogs anyway. It's a distraction. Automatic music is not my personal favorite.
3) One sidebar, folks.
Two sidebar blogs are crazy to me!!! It just hurts the eyes to look at :( One sidebar is much better. And the less on the side-bar as possible. A nice clean sidebar is fresh as a summer day to me.
4) Pictures!
Use them. All the same size though. People love photography. People love life :)
5) Don't worry
Don't cry if you lose a follower,get a mean comment, or get removed from someone's favorite blog list. It's not all about the followers, trust me. I have been super upset my mean comments, lost followers, etc. and it's not worth it.
6) Simple
I have mentioned no music, simple fonts, and one sidebar whicha ll boils down to one fact :Have a simple design. White backgrounds are my personal favorite, while if you do have a background do it with simple, soft colors :) Busy backgrounds, lots of colors, big fancy colorful fonts tend to make me back off from following a blog.
7) commenting
I am such a terrible follower. I nearly never comment. Now here is the deal: If I follow your blog I read every single post you write. No joke. I just never seem to comment. it's my bad. Comments are the best thing and I am simply terriable at them!!!!
make sure your images are not subject to copywrite before adding them to a post :)
9) Texting talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't use it at all!!!!!! instead of u r my fav, write you are my favorite.
10) The follower talk.
Don't constatenly ask for followers or beg people to follow you. It gets annoying. Really. Followers will come in time and blogging is not about them. Blogging is telling your story....to the peoplr who will listen.
11) Commets belong at the bottom of your post. Yep.
12) Don't be a copycat. Be you. Tell your story. Let your blog belong to you!!!


  1. Nice tips. I have to disagree with #11... I prefer to have a pop-up window because then the page doesn't go all wacky and refresh ;) But as for everything else, I wish someone had told me all of this at the beginning -- I learned it all on my own.


  2. Wow!!!!! Amazing tips! You remind me of myself (giggle) That's what I'm always telling new bloggers :) Thank you Maya!!

  3. Great tips! I don't agree with all of them, but most. :) Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us to read.


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