The smell of earth after rain. The soft rain falls slowly. The aroma of fresh rain. The feel and the beauty of wet soil. The feeling of running your toes through it. The laughter that follows. The peace in your soul. The smiles that cover your faces. The moment when you grab your camera, not caring about the falling rain, or the wetness. You only care about this moment. The moment when the rain is ceasing. The smell of earth after rain.
I have been trying to really savour life lately. Savor today, this moment, right here. Not try to think of the future or vintageness but of right now. Stare at myself in the mirror and realize I am almost 18. I am becoming the woman I will be forever. Savoring Life by realizing blessings, happiness, and everyday moments. We have but one life to treasure. One to hold. One to love.
Savor the sunshine, then the rain, then the petrichor. The smell of earth after rain.
Hugs kisses and smiles

Maya Moore

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