Why I love children.

When I see a patch of dandelions I see a patch of weeds, she sees much more.

When I see clouds, she sees pictures in the sky.

When I see a blurry picture, she sees a monster

What I see as work, she see's as storybooks.

What I see as broken, she sees as beautiful

When I see myself I think I'm not perfect, she thinks I'm a princess

What I see as a wasted five mintues playing with her, she sees the best moment of her day.

What I see as a pot, it's really hat.

And the bed is a spaceship.

There is no bedtime and she is never cold or tired.

But always Hungry.

Her prayers are sweet.

Oh, God give me a child's heart.

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  1. Aww! This was so sweet, Maya!! What inspired you to write it?

    Miss Raquel

  2. D'aww this just totally brightened my day :') *sniffle*


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