Seventeen going on Eighteen

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I'm still seventeen going on eighteen. But I really don't think I'm the same Maya that started this blog-a-rific last April. I blogged because I wanted to be heard. Wanted people to know my story. The missionary beach girl who loved God, Purity, and her family. The rose in bloom. The happy camper. I desired back then to be a greater blogger constately thinking it would make me happier. I had a few bloggers in mind I wanted to be like some day. I had about 2 followers.

Time has really changed that. So have I. I have questioned why I blog anymore and if I even should. I mean I love comments and my day is made when I get a follower added to my alomst forty lovers. I have moved, been through deaths, weddings, heartbreaks, spirtual awakenings, growing pains, and just well...

Grown up.

I'm not the same girl who wanted to be heard anymore. I am still more in love with God than ever and have a passion to keep all that for marriage but I really have grown, matured, andrealized blogging is more than getting followers, winning giveaway's and having pen-pals. It's about discovering who you are. Exactly who you are and who your becoming. I want my posts, comments, and blogs I read to radiant what's going on inside my heart. A lot changes in my heart, on my blog, and in my crazy life.

I've realized I don't blog to be heard anymore. I blog to hear myself.

So that's why I created dream 2012 back in January. My one word of 2012 is dream. So my goal has been for this blog to be more than it ever was and for me to think big, dream, and reach goals I could never without God.

Dream with me.

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  1. This post is so amazing, and speaks the truth. I believe every blogger feels that way in the beginning, even I still do sometimes, but you are completely correct. Sometimes the only way to realize what is truly going on in your mind, is to either write, or type, it out :)

    I really do applaud you for posting this. It totally made me day :)


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