Dear Boys :) (and girls)

Dear Peter,
love, me???

Dear B.P,
Send me a postcard from spring break.
Wish I was with you
Love, your old friend

Dear Green eyes,
It's been a while.
Love, your secret lover

Dear GInger,
Your a crazy FB Poster.
Love, your FB Friend

Dear G,
Love, Me

Dear Will,
Thanks for leaving me hanging.
Love, Love, Love, Me

Dear William,
Your quite the brunette. I *like* ya
Love, Maya

Dear Willie,
Your haunting.
Love, Me-haha

Dear Will,
This is your forth letter. Face it, I miss ya.
Love, Maya

Dear D,
I really like you some days
Love, Me

Dear Future Husband,
I can't wait to meet ya,
Love, ME!!!!!

Dear Peeta,
I'd eat that burnt bread.
Tomorrow, dearest.
Love, Me

Dear Gale,
You should have died in Catching fire when you get beat up.
Love, someone

Dear Dearest,
I think you never replied to that email
Love, someone who waits :)

Dear Rocky,
I will use this
Love, Maya

Dear Turd,
The thought of you and me makes me want to be single forever
Love, someone you know

Dear Old-Crush,
Wait...what happened to forever again?
Yours, Never.

Dear Liz,
Sunday, dear. Then we fly
Love, Your bird
Dear Hazel,
I think your amazing. And your eyes aren't hazel.
Love, Maya
Dear Emily,
I need you to make me food
Love, your long-lost-sis
Dear Racheal,
I think he's handsome, too.
Love, Maya
Dear Niece,
Hurry up, dearest. I want to cuddle you.
Love,Your almost aunt
Dear Meg,
He's like that....
Love, Maya
Dear Arianne,
I need to write you an email soon or you me
Love, your friend
Dear Ana,
Your an alien!!
Love, the astronut :)
Dear Sophie,
I NEED TO see you now
Love, someone who misses you
Dearest Piper,
Love, me
Dear Elise,
Thanks for creating Dear Boys. I Love it.
Love, Maya


  1. Love! Is this your first time? It was mine... Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (because You Are!)

  2. It was my thirs...I think. But it has been a long while :)

  3. I let Will read this and he cracked up.
    Can't wait to fly, Sunday!

  4. Soooo, who is this Will who got 4 letters, huh? And thanks for the letter to me! You're very welcome. I'll whine about boys any old time. ;)


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