'She was a pastors daughter, a lover of tea, and a girl of the south. He was a coldplay fanatic, a surfer, and a brother to me. How they met is amazing and that they got married yesterday is even more amazing. I love them and adore them and everything in-between. We have had such fun times togeher and here is my account of their big day:

I have a beautiful reputation of getting sick on every big family event in history. It would only be fair that I got the stomach bug on the day of jeremy's wedding. Yeah. I know. I am such a strange girl. And that is the truth. After the rehersal dinner friday night I went home and threw everything up and claimed myself sick. I barely slept that night. The next moring I slept until 10 in pain and barely made it in the time for the luncheon for the bridesmaids. I did not eat there though. I did eventually get dressed for the wedding in time for pictures, meanwhile slipping to the bathrooms at any given moment to vomit. I am so glad I made it through the wedding without dying. I wish I could remeber the day better but it's all blurry. I cried a little during the service, happy tears I guess they were. The reception was me being sick and swearing to become a gearm freak so I would never throw up again.

Meg was truly lovely and kept smiling because she always is smiling. Jeremy was handsome as usual and I swear I hate my brother Cal for making faces at me during the ceremony. I was misrable but they were very happy and I wish i could tell you that the reception food was good. I danced at the reception but got dizzy quicker that usual and deicded to skip the more upbeat ones. For the slow ones I danced with 5 year old Cal. Racheal, who is 14, kept getting young men to ask me to dance but I obviously I told them that I was dying of the stomach bug and over weepy over my brother's wedding. Yep, I'm a girl.

On a more positive note, There was such a beautiful sense of God's presnece during the wedding. Meg is radiant about Christ and it shone thorugh her. She is a amazing girl that I adore with my heart. Jeremy is a warrior, passioantely fighting for Christ. I could not ask for a better match. Two people who desprately love the gospel and plan to live it out in their marriage and forver love each other.

Me and lovely Emily decorated the church with all sorts of vintage things and really had tons of fun. Laughter was in the air. It was a beautiful day and I could not ask for a better wedding...well maybe one where I was well. Glad I was not the bride that day.

And that is the story of Meggie and Jerry. Have a lovely honeymoon, you two lovebirds.


  1. Awww it sounds so lovely and they sound like great Christians and people :) And it also sounds like they make a cute couple :) I'm so sorry that you got the stomach bug though :( I have a sensitive stomach and through up a ton when i get one. Poor you :( I will pray that you get better quickly! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. That's terrible that you got sick! But...that story is cute. I wish I cold see them! :)

  3. only you would vomit on his wedding day. I could have told you that. ahahahaha....
    well Meg is such a darling girl. I am sorry I did not marry Jeremy like I was apparantly supposed to, according to you.


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