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hello, followers. I have 28 of you now on GFC. Such a blessing. Well I would like to say first and all that I am thankful for all you girls trying the 30 day challenge :) yea!!

Where does the time go? Yesterday He was a little boy of 8 and I was 6. We would make up all sorts of things and laugh.I tried to kiss him. We would race, hurt each other, and make the biggest, stupidest mistakes. And laugh

He's my big brother Jeremy and He is getting married tomorrow.

Where did the time go?

(Thought I would show a old family picture of J and me. Cute, right?)

Dearest Jeremy,
Your my favorite, and only, big brother. You have the prettiest eyes and were always the talk of all my friends. I miss those summer days at the lake when we used to sing Taylor Swift together and laugh. I remember you saying I was the first girl in your heart. Apparantly I've been replaced. Pretty Meg came in and swept you away. I love her but it's so hard to lose you. Your getting married tomorrow, like you probably know and all I want is you to know your still first place in my heart. My dear big brother. My best friend. I wish you did not have to go away and marry Meg but at the same time she is beautiful and perfect for you. But I'm going to miss you more than the sky. I wish we could go back to those lake days. The days of monsters under under our beds. When kisses were yucky, when you swore never to get married. When you promised. Meg is really different , I guess.
My I-Pod is playing Taylor Swift music as I write. It seems every bad day Taylor has a song for that :) I want to fly. I want to sing. I want to run a million miles. All I want is you. Your the best big brother in the world and you probably are dying for tomorrow to come. I can wait. Can we snuggle tonight like we were three? Eat raw cookie dough. Laugh until our sides hurt. Smile until the sun comes up. Forget your leaving our home tomorrow. I am going to miss you. I want us to move to one of the universes we made up and forget what weddings are and on. I want to never remember you were getting married. But I know what Emily would say:
You are.
Your getting married and I am truly happy for you. But I might cry a little...for me.
Your the best Jeremy in the world and I truly could not ask for a better brother.
I don't know where the time went. Yesterday fifth grade seemed the oldest we could get.
But even yesterday we knew tomorrow would come. Be a leader and have faith and just Meg with your heart. And come home a lot. Especially if you have kids. I want to snuggle with them.
I wish you'd never grown up.

Most Important I really want you to know something. I will always be there and I always have. I have seen grow from a little boy into a warrior. A man of God. A lover. A true person I look up to. I love you, jerry.

Your sis,


  1. That was sweet... I hope the wedding goes well!

  2. Aww, that's really sweet :) *sigh* Big brothers are the best, aren't they? <3


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