Music and Myself

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There is nothing like a song you hear that you just think "Wow, that is so me!" The feeling when the soft sound of music reaches your ears and want to fly. We all have our life songs we love to death. The ones that make us feel young again. The ones that make our hearts ache. The ones that bring tears to our eyes. The ones that remind us of things we love and things we hate. Songs that make us happy, songs that make us sad. Sometimes that make us feel perfect or lost or confused and they all end up on a playlist called the story of your life somewhere. It's a mixture of Taylor Swift and Matthew West and Tenth Avenue North and each one of them has a meaning unique to only you. I recently made a playlist on Spotify of all my songs and when I listen I cry, I smile, and and laugh. Memories. Failures. You first love. Your hobbies. Everything that explains...you. Those are your life songs. Your best friends. Your smiles.
Much Love,


  1. totally agree with you, girlie!! 100%!

    ~ Miss Raquel

    PS: I just thought I'd let you know that I'm so glad I came across your blog :) Seriously! I always like reading your posts. You have great potential as a great blogger and I'm sure your followers will TRIPLE by the end of the year :)


  2. So true!!!!!!!!!!!! There the artists that you would love to put all together and if you find someone who seems to be a mash up of the ones you love you adore them. I love that line you wrote:
    "The feeling when the soft sound of music reaches your ears and want to fly."
    Lovely post Maya! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)


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